Playing To Win: Should Youth Specialize in Sports?

If you spend any time at a baseball field during this season, you’ll pick up on all sorts of philosophies about kids and sports.

There are the laid back parents who don’t mind that their kid is picking dandelions in the outfield. There are the intense parents who are watching their kids’ every move and critiquing their play. There are coaches working to instill the values of hard work and sportsmanship, and those who are out there simply to win. [Read more…]

Exercise and social support: What we know

It’s well-documented that fitness centers across the nation see their busiest days in January as people embark on New Year’s resolutions to exercise more, and those number slowly drop in February and the months to follow. [Read more…]

An evidence-based look at a football scandal?

footballIf you pay any attention to sports, you have likely heard about the football scandal that erupted last year when the Indianapolis Colts accused the New England Patriots of deflating footballs to give their quarterback, Tom Brady, an unfair advantage. [Read more…]

Everything you need to know about stretching and exercise

Happy New Year, and welcome back to EBL in 2016!stretching-muscles-579122_960_720

Does your New Year’s resolution involve a pledge to exercise more?  Mine does.  And one of my goals to avoid getting injured as I ramp up my workouts. So I was happy to come across this systematic review on stretching. [Read more…]

How to test for concussion in athletes

footballAlong with the start of school comes a busy season for youth recreational sports. Soccer leagues, small fry football and lacrosse are all popular fall sports. This year, my 7-year-old opted to play flag football through our local recreation department. [Read more…]

The evidence-based solution for choosing running shoes

running shoeThere are hundreds of running shoes on the market and new models introduced each year. Whether you’re a casual jogger or a competitive marathon runner,  there’s a plethora of advice about how to choose the best shoe for you. [Read more…]

High-intensity training: The holy grail of fitness?

exerciseLately, I have found it difficult to find time to work out. Even though I really like to exercise, commitments to work and family take up most of my time, leaving little time for a long run or a trip to the gym. The data show I’m not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, less than half of Americans meet the guidelines for aerobic exercise and less than a third complete the recommended amount of strengthening exercises. [Read more…]

A link between cycling and prostate cancer?

cyclingThe lore among male cyclists is that riding a bike can interfere with men’s ability to father children and increase their risk of developing prostate cancer. I know!  I’m married to someone who is passionate about bikes and biking riding.

[Read more…]

Evidence-based sports: Can a team have too many star players?

adult-sportsFootball season is in full swing in the U.S.!

Most people who follow professional sports have ideas about why some teams prosper while others don’t. Usually, those ideas are personal opinions. But is there any evidence about what components make a winning professional sports team?
[Read more…]

Evidence-based soccer: How to treat hamstring strains

world cupOver the past month, much of the world has been glued to the television watching World Cup soccer matches. I’m not typically a soccer aficionado, but I did catch a few games. One thing I learned about the sport this year is the increasing prevalence of hamstring injuries among soccer players.

[Read more…]

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