Should we teach doctors good “bed-side manner”?

health communicationHaving participated in health care visits for myself, my three children and my mother, I’ve interacted with doctors who have all sorts of personalities: caring and compassionate, business-like, and downright rude. Despite these experiences, I’ve never given much thought to the idea that a physician’s bedside manner can influence patient-care. [Read more...]

A new metric for health care decisions

healthcareDo you remember the last time a doctor gave you a prescription?  You most likely assumed the medicine would work effectively. It turns out, that’s not always the case. [Read more...]

Updated evidence: Workplace smoking interventions

smokingSmoking is one of the biggest public health threats across the globe, according to the World Health Organization. It accounts for one in ten deaths among adults worldwide.   The vast majority of these deaths are preventable. [Read more...]

Review: Knee surgery for cartilage tears

meniscusThe most common knee injury today is a torn meniscus, which is a rip in the cartilage that cushions the knee joint. There are two groups of people who commonly suffer this injury: athletes who twist their knees and older people who are more likely to have degenerative tears as cartilage becomes weaker with age.

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How to brush your teeth

toothbrushAre you surprised to find out that dental organizations around the world recommend different techniques for teeth-brushing?  I sure was.  But what surprised me even more is the lack of evidence that one method works better than another.

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New data on kids’ well-being

kids_runningEnsuring our youth grow up in healthy supportive environments is an important part of building a strong future for any society.  Even here in the United States, there are significant disparities in child well-being. [Read more...]

Gardening as a treatment for dementia

GardeningResearchers believe nearly 4 million Americans over age 60 suffer from some form of dementia.  Their symptoms may include memory loss, impaired judgment and reasoning, loss of communication skills, agitation and paranoia. [Read more...]

Myth-busting evidence: Childhood vaccines

swine-flu-vaccineWhen my son was born, I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about whether he should have the routine childhood vaccinations. I had heard about the potential link between vaccines and autism and some anecdotal reports from other moms about adverse reactions to vaccines. But I wanted to consider all of the evidence on vaccines. [Read more...]

Evidence revisited: Sunscreen safety

sunscrnIt’s that time of year again when our morning ritual includes slathering on the sunblock, so I thought it was a topic worth revisiting. [Read more...]

An update: New evidence on vitamins

vitaminsFor decades, health advocates have touted the benefits of vitamins. And it’s a concept that our busy society can easily get behind: Just take a few tablets each day to ward off disease and improve your health. [Read more...]