Kids and food allergies: What we don’t know

food allergyWe had some excitement at our house this past month when my 8-month-old daughter had two systematic allergic reactions to food. [Read more...]

How to measure childhood obesity

childhood obesityObesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Now a new systematic review has found that even more youth may be classified as obese. [Read more...]

New evidence on post-partum depression

depression440Post-partum depression is a serious problem for many women. It’s estimated that up to 15 percent of new mothers suffer from depression at some point in their child’s first year of life – episodes that affect their ability to function in everyday life and can also have serious consequences for their children. [Read more...]

Part 2: Obesity and stress – plus a lesson about reviews

Last week, we summarized a literature review that explained how stress leads to overeating and ultimately contributes to weight gain.

This information didn’t come from a meta analysis, but from a different kind of large-scale study called a literature review. We asked Janis Whitlock, a research scientist in the Bronfenbrenner Center for Transnational Research and Director of the Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery, to explain the difference. Here’s what she had to say: [Read more...]

Part 1: Obesity and stress – plus a lesson about reviews

obesityIf you think about your own life, you likely understand intuitively that stress often leads to overeating. In my own life, if I think about stressful times, I can picture myself standing in front of the pantry looking for something to munch on.

[Read more...]

New evidence: Colonoscopies save lives

colorectal_ribbonWidespread screening for colorectal cancer is helping to save lives, according to a new longitudinal study by researchers at Yale University published in the journal Cancer. [Read more...]

Using evidence to ask the right questions

obesity-300x225For decades, health and nutrition experts have built weight-loss programs around the commonly-accepted notion of balancing calories in and calories out.  In other words, to lose weight, one simply needs to burn more calories than he eats. But there is growing evidence that’s only part of the equation for losing and maintaining a healthy weight. [Read more...]

Debt and your health

loan debtU.S. consumers carry more than $11.6 trillion in debt – money owed to outside lenders such as banks and credit card companies. What does that mean for the average American family? A total of $15,000 in credit card debt, $154,000 in mortgage debt and $33,000 in student loans.  While those numbers are certainly harmful to our financial health, there is new evidence that all of this debt is also bad for our physical health. [Read more...]

The toothbrush debate

toothbrushMy husband and I have an ongoing debate about whether to buy one of those expensive electric toothbrushes nearly every time one of us goes to the dentist for a cleaning. For the record, he would like to buy one, and I always argue they are a waste of money. [Read more...]

The systematic review: “A social movement”

internet-and-womanThis blog was founded more than four years ago with the a focus on one key idea: Today, there more research available than ever before. So we set out to help readers separate the good scientific information from the bad. One great resource for that is the systematic review. [Read more...]