Do vacations make you happier?

disney castleAfter several winters in a cold and snowy climate with small children, my family has vowed to take warm weather vacations in the winters. So this week, my husband, three children, and mother are at Disney World.  [Read more…]

Transition to kindergarten

school busMy middle child is four years old, and will be starting kindergarten in the fall.  While that may seem like a long time away, I know from experiencing this transition once before that it helps to start thinking about it early. [Read more…]

An evidence-based look at a football scandal?

footballIf you pay any attention to sports, you have likely heard about the football scandal that erupted last year when the Indianapolis Colts accused the New England Patriots of deflating footballs to give their quarterback, Tom Brady, an unfair advantage. [Read more…]

New dietary guidelines: Updates on sugar, coffee, and alcohol

dietary-guidelinesThe U.S. Department of Agriculture released updated dietary guidlines earlier this month, which include some recommended changes in American diets.

The report is significant because it determines the foods served in school lunches and sets priorities for the food assistance programs. The guidelines also impact labeling, advertising and the advice given by medical professionals.

[Read more…]

Low back pain? Exercise may help

back painLow back pain is one of the most common ailments among adults in the U.S., with nearly 80 percent of Americans experiencing the ailment at some point during their life. [Read more…]

A new measure for aging

agingFor centuries, humans have been searching for a fountain of youth to reverse the effects of aging.  While no one has ever found one, scientists are getting closer to understanding why some people age with fewer ailments than others, and what that means for anti-aging therapies. [Read more…]

The link between relationships and health

teenagers2For decades, social science researchers have believed that social interactions play an important part in our health and well-being. If you think about your own daily life, it makes perfect sense. When you feel supported by a network of family and friends, you likely feel happier and more relaxed. But do those feelings translate into better health? [Read more…]

Wearable fitness trackers: Accurate or imprecise?

fitness bandWearable fitness bands — which can provide data including how many steps you take in a day, how many calories you burn and even your sleep patterns — have become extremely popular. According to market research data, nearly 70 million are sold worldwide each year.  But do they work? [Read more…]

Everything you need to know about stretching and exercise

Happy New Year, and welcome back to EBL in 2016!stretching-muscles-579122_960_720

Does your New Year’s resolution involve a pledge to exercise more?  Mine does.  And one of my goals to avoid getting injured as I ramp up my workouts. So I was happy to come across this systematic review on stretching. [Read more…]

Spirits bring good cheer — and, in some cases, good health too

alcohol‘Tis the season for end-of-year celebrations, and with them often come a few more alcoholic beverages than usual. So we thought it’d be a good time to review how consuming alcohol impacts your health. [Read more…]

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