Evidence gap: What we don’t know about health apps

smart phoneSmart phones have changed our society in a myriad of ways, making it faster and easier to communicate with each other, conduct research, access entertainment, and navigate the world.

The health care industry has also capitalized on this new technology. Today, there are dozens of apps designed to help people improve their fitness, lose weight and monitor medical conditions. But do they actually work? [Read more…]

Can we improve how well people take their medicine?

asprinIn our modern health care system, prescribing medicines is one of the main ways that doctors treat illness and prevent more serious diseases. [Read more…]

Updated evidence: Workplace smoking interventions

smokingSmoking is one of the biggest public health threats across the globe, according to the World Health Organization. It accounts for one in ten deaths among adults worldwide.   The vast majority of these deaths are preventable. [Read more…]

Evidence-based motivation

aging_activeDo you ever find it hard to accomplish what you set out to do?   I know it’s a problem I encounter sometimes, especially in this era of instant communication where there is so much distraction. So what’s the best way to get something done?

[Read more…]

New evidence on toothpaste for kids

toothpasteIn the U.S. dental care has long been a priority for young children. Decades ago, I can clearly remember our church giving out toothbrushes and toothpaste every Halloween before it was time to trick-or-treat. But for many reasons, tooth decay is a growing problem among preschool children. [Read more…]

Mentoring works for troubled, but how?

Father_of_the_Teen__Growing_Up_With_Your_Kids_photoWhen young people are struggling – with school, addiction, criminal behavior or a number of other problems – help often comes through a mentor. Thousands of organizations across the country pair at-risk young people with a role model to help them get back on track. But does mentoring work?

[Read more…]

More evidence on the perils of smoking

smokingIt’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health.  In fact, it was 50 years ago that the U.S. surgeon general released the first report warning the American public about the dangers of smoking. Since then, thousands of studies and hundreds of systematic reviews have documented a long list of health problems related to smoking. [Read more…]

What we know about gun violence

Each year, more than 30,000 Americans are killed in acts of violence using a gun. The problem is complex because it involves so many factors.

[Read more…]

Tips on avoiding holiday weight gain

The holiday season is officially here – with its decorated cookies, happy hours and workplace lunches.  We’ve already established that gaining weight has a negative impact on your health. So what can you do to avoid putting on the pounds at this time of year?

[Read more…]

New evidence: The internet and self-harm

As the Internet and social media continue to transform our society, today’s youth are growing up in unchartered waters. For young people who confront problems like depression, the Internet is a particularly tricky issue to navigate.

[Read more…]

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