Coffee update: It’s actually good for you

Here at EBL, we’ve written about coffee before. But given that more than 60 percent of Americans consume coffee on a daily basis, we think it’s an important to understand its effects. We were excited to come across a new systematic review on America’s favorite drink and its relationship to heart failure.

The review included five prospective studies of more than 140,000 people in total measuring the relationship between regular coffee consumption and the risk of heart failure. Across all of the studies, more than 6,500 participants suffered heart failure.

According to the analysis, consuming a moderate amount of coffee was inversely related to risk of heart failure: people who drank four servings of coffee a day had the smallest risk of heart failure.  Those who drank significantly more or less than four servings a day were found to have a higher risk heart failure. The review found there were no variance between men and women, or for participants who had a history of heart attack or diabetes.

Clearly, there is more to this story, and further study is warranted on the health benefits of coffee are warranted. But to date, the evidence indicates that drinking coffee regularly isn’t risky and may actually protect you against heart failure.

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